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Masks out

COVID-19 medical masks

It is refreshing to hear that face mask requirements have been relaxed in Victoria in most settings.

A quick bit of information for those in search for more clarity on the evasive answer of did I, or, do I, actually need to wear a face mask during the pandemic.

The Department of Health in Victoria clearly states that if you have a lawful reason you do not need to wear a face mask or require a medical certificate. Simply put if stopped you will be asked to explain what your lawful reason is.

Keep in mind, this is a totally separate issue to the mandatory requirements that are put in place by institutions, such as health providers. 

The Australian Human Rights Commission is a good starting point for researching the fundamentals of this law and how to raise a matter, but you would have to specify your state based research after that.

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Earth tremor

Earth tremor cracks

I woke up this morning to the entire flat shaking at the structure. My furniture was moving from side to side and London Villages fell off the bookshelf. I was disturbed. A rush of panic and I thought, could this be an earthquake in Melbourne. I darted outside. No more carnage to be seen. 

After quick research I read Geoscience Australia confirmed a 5.9 magnitude earthquake this morning recorded near Mansfield Victoria with a depth of 10 km.

What strange times I am living in, pandemic related I wonder.

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Melbourne lockdown

Pandemic medical masks

There have been demanding times during the pandemic. I am writing this in Melbourne’s sixth lockdown. When life is tough there is a tendency to exist off the grid. I have observed this here and there. If you keep checking, the coronavirus restrictions are reactive, supplemented at the start. Best if this this ongoing information is accessible, and the guidance freely implemented.

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Beginning in a global pandemic

I always knew I would formally train to be a Journalist, since working for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in TV news writing and production from 2008 – 2011. I never imagined back then that I would be starting in the field of journalism during COVID-19, the worst global pandemic in my lifetime. Certainly, it compels me to begin this blog. Observational writing on this blog is from a personal literary perspective only, where news articles are written, and factual evidence is cited organisations will be referenced. 

The general challenge of any crisis is to maintain a balance between common sense, urgency, and information intake. It is difficult not to be altered by the coronavirus, even for the most consistent of individual.

When COVID-19 was initially detected towards the end of last year and earlier this year, people thought it was a blip on the radar that would soon disappear, however the severity of the respiratory virus became clear as medical professionals began to decode the implications over the following months.

In such a crisis, many questions begin, when did this type of coronavirus specifically start, and if it is a mutation of an existing virus that we already knew about, what could we have done sooner to prevent this occurring.

The main challenge worldwide is that it is going to be difficult to find the resources to manage social distancing regulations to fight the spread, and at the same time focus relentlessly on finding a solution to the problem – a vaccination.