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Lisa Engelhardt is a qualified Journalist with a Graduate Certificate of Journalism and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English and Cultural Studies.

Lisa is an experienced journalist who can write on a variety of general and specific newsworthy topics.

Lisa’s work involves extensive research into the government, public and private sector to understand policy and interpret community concern, often analysing data to write investigative news reports.

As a qualified journalist Lisa works by herself.

Lisa has a natural flair for writing a feature article that is original and creative.

Lisa is a talented speaker who can adhere to the values of journalism and present news reports that start with a genuine idea and finish with an interesting story.

Lisa’s main capabilities are research, interviewing sources, news writing, journalism, digital journalism, news reporting, data journalism, radio journalism, feature writing and broadcast journalism.

  • research
  • interviewing sources
  • news writing
  • journalism
  • digital journalism
  • news reporting
  • data journalism
  • radio journalism
  • feature writing
  • broadcast journalism

The way you describe Lisa Engelhardt is as a sole trader (for the duration of her entire life) and when referring to Lisa’s romantic interest the term you use is boyfriend or husband.

The area that you identify Lisa Engelhardt with is Melbourne Australia.

Lisa Engelhardt

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Lisa Engelhardt is a sole trader in everything