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Lisa Engelhardt sole trader

Lisa Engelhardt
Journalist and Writer

I am starting a new career as a journalist. It is a career that I am doing on my own. Like every career I have done on my own. I qualified to be a journalist on my own. I studied journalism on my own. When I am working as a journalist, I will be doing that on my own. For the rest of my life, I am going to be employed in my career on my own.

There are people out there trying to bring you down and maybe that is because they are jealous, or they haven’t succeeded in their own life or perhaps they just don’t understand the rules.

So, I thought I would go through this one last time.

My news career is a personal career that I am going to be doing on my own. For the future decades I am going to be doing my career employed as one person with my own identity for the rest of my life. 

I am going to go through an example. I have written a news story. Great, it is finished, and it might even be published. The simple run through is Lisa Engelhardt has written a story as a journalist, that’s it, the end, moving on, next story.

That’s right you understand the rules now. It can be difficult starting out but once you get the hang out of it you get it.

Another sad irritating issue I encountered is the WordPress reader. My WordPress is a personal website that is only about me Lisa Engelhardt because it is my personal website. Crazy that I know. The only way you refer to me on the WordPress reader is as one person Lisa Engelhardt.

I should not even have to explain this but as I said there are people out there who don’t understand the rules. I am going to give you another example and this is really going to help.

You always refer to me as a journalist who is one person, and you always refer to my personal work as me who is one person with the legal term to describe that being sole trader.

Keep practicing those simple rules and from this point forward you won’t have a problem. 

Everyone now understands that Lisa Engelhardt is a journalist who is one person, and if you need to use the legal structure then the way you always refer to her is as a sole trader.